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Voters elect write-in

Tom Jackson • Nov 9, 2013 at 12:00 PM

Winning a write-in campaign isn’t easy.


Just ask some recent Erie County candidates.

But it can be done.

Just ask Jean Leber.

The Townsend Township trustee, who serves on the board running a Sandusky County township in the Vickery-Clyde area, won re-election Tuesday in a write-in campaign, defeating two candidates who were actually on the ballot.

Leber, 83, a retired farm wife with a Clyde address, pledged Friday to “continue the serve the people the best I can.” She’s a Republican.

Townsend Township voters elected two trustees from a field of four candidates: Paul Warner, who won 218 votes, and Leber, who won 161 write-in votes. They were trailed by Jeffrey Max Miller, 126 votes, and Joseph Parkhurst, with 106 votes.

Leber and Miller were the incumbents. Leber, in fact, has been on the board for 18 years, so perhaps that helped with name recognition.

Leber made a mistake with her nominating petition, said Barb Tuckerman, deputy director of Sandusky County’s election board. She could have tried to circulate another nominating petition, but she opted to go with a write-in campaign instead.

“When I took out my petition, I didn’t get one of the pages signed,” Leber said.

She said she didn’t think she had time to do another petition.

Leber said she got help from supporters who helped her put up signs, and she relied on word of mouth in the small community of about 1,620 people. She also sent out postcards to about 200 voters.

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