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Taxpayers help demo Apex

Andy Ouriel • Nov 4, 2013 at 2:10 PM

Thank construction crews for the sight: They created an unobstructed waterfront view after demolishing the former Apex Building.

Demolition recently wrapped up. It started this past summer and included a complete site cleanup.

But the city’s not 100 percent complete with this job.

“Additional sampling and analysis is required before closing out the project,” Sandusky engineer Aaron Klein said. “If the sampling yields unfavorable results, additional work would be required.”

Unfavorable results alludes to samples showing elevated levels of a contaminant.

If the samples prove favorable, then the city can move on and let Realtors sell this 15-acre waterfront property.

“As for future use of the property, that would be up to the property owner or Realtor,” Klein said.

Owned by Famous Realty, the land could one day accommodate office buildings, retail space or an entertainment warehouse district, city officials said.

It would be a fresh start to a property ridden with bad luck.

No major company has occupied the building in 40 years.

Several different manufacturing companies were previously located at the site, most recently a washing machine business in 1972.

The Erie County auditor’s website lists the property at 1643 First St. at $1.06 million.

The property’s listed at close to $5 million.

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