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Melissa Topey • Nov 3, 2013 at 8:16 PM

Players of “Call of Duty” are going to love this.

At least that’s what a pair of 2009 Edison High School graduates hope.

Jake Whitehouse and Chris Baldwin have created a website where gamers can get coaching on the game franchise “Call of Duty.”

“It connects professionals in the gaming industry to non-professionals,” Whitehouse said. “We hired professionals to write articles and produce videos.”

The new website launches Nov. 8, just three days after “Call of Duty: Ghosts” is released. The popular game can feature multiple players online, which adds a huge need for strategy and useful tips.

Coach’s call

• WEBSITE: codcoach.com   (launches Nov. 8)

• FACEBOOK: facebook.com /CoachCOD

“Call of Duty” has sold 30 million games, creating a legion of diehard fans. This just so happens to create a lucrative market to tap into, Whitehouse said.

One of those devoted “Call of Duty” players is Chad Hoagland, 20, of Norwalk, who started playing the game about five years ago.

“My high score is on Domination. I made 86,000 points in one game,” Hoagland said. “I think you get lost in it. It’s pretty competitive, and winning is fun.”    To gain the edge, Hoagland said he would absolutely use the Call of Duty coaching website.

“I definitely would,” he said. “Whatever you can do to get an advantage.”

If the venture is successful, Whitehouse and Baldwin said they may expand to other games. Whitehouse has a five-year plan for the site to move into other industries.

Whitehouse, 22, studies professional golf management at Florida Gulf Coast University in Fort Myers, Fla. Baldwin, 23, studies finance and marketing at University of Findlay.

The college students will be graduating soon, and they’re looking to become entrepreneurs.

“Being on the other side of the table, not being interviewed but interviewing others,” Whitehouse said. The men know they’re taking on a sizable financial risk, but they feel they’re young enough to bounce back if the venture doesn’t succeed, Baldwin said. “We’re also learning a lot,” Baldwin said. “We are drawing up contracts, creating a limited liability corporation.”

They hope the website will be a success, and they’re more than willing to adapt as needed and stick it out for the long haul.

Being from Milan, Baldwin knows all about adaptability and tenacity — from the likes of Thomas Edison.

“He failed thousands of times, but only needed to find one way to create a light bulb,” Baldwin said. “I apply that to my life.”

The skills learned from launching this first business venture will be tools for the next innovative idea, he said.

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