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Family reeling from storage facility blaze

Courtney Astolfi • Oct 31, 2013 at 7:00 PM

“It was like being in a horror movie.”

These are the words Rose Killingsworth used to describe Tuesday night’s inferno that leveled a Bardshar Road storage facility she owns with her husband, Jeff Killingsworth.

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More than 35 firefighters from five area departments battled the flames for about two hours, but Killingsworth Interior Storage ultimately burned to the ground, along with all the contents. Stored inside were dozens of vehicles: boats, cars, campers, four-wheelers, Jet Skis and snowmobiles — an untold list of possessions.

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Margaretta fire Chief Bill Mohr attributed the fire’s voraciousness to the amount of fuel inside the vehicles. He met with a state fire marshal early Wednesday to try to pin down the fire’s origin.

“It’s still undetermined, but there’s no reason to believe it was anything criminal,” Mohr said.

While officials have yet to determine a cause, they did learn the fire started in the building’s southern corner.

“Every witness statement we have is consistent with that,” Mohr said.

Firefighters had the blaze under control by 9 p.m. Tuesday. A skeleton crew worked through the night and stayed at the property until about 1:30 p.m. Wednesday to fight hidden hotspots under the rubble.

When the fire started at about 7 p.m. Tuesday, Jeff Killingsworth was still inside the building, Rose said. Jeff used a fire extinguisher in hopes of tempering the flames, but when the extinguisher’s contents were spent, he was forced to give up the fight and flee.

As the fire spread, Rose and her husband frantically worked to move vehicles parked in the surrounding lawn.

“We were afraid everything would go ‘boom, boom, boom,’ all the way up to the house,” Rose said.

Jeff’s forehead and hands were singed and blistered by the heat, but no other injuries were reported. “He’s still in shock,” Rose said. Mohr said his team will work in the coming days to tally the cost of damages.

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