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Subpoenas filed

Register • Oct 29, 2013 at 4:08 PM

When it happens and where it happens remains a guarded matter, by order of a judge, say Ohio Attorney General prosecutors, who are moving ahead to impanel a grand jury in Sandusky County to review evidence in the killing of Jacob Limberios on March 2, 2012.

"The Judge in the Limberios case has instructed our attorneys that the information regarding the grand jury is to remain under seal," Ohio AG spokesman Dan Tierney said. "This includes date, time, location, and information regarding subpoenas."


Tierney was asked this morning for more information about the judge's instructions. 


There's been speculation more than 50 and up to 100 witnesses could be called to testify by the AG prosecutors, Marianne Hemmeter and Matt Donahue. 


Brittany Bowers, Will Lewis and Evan Neidler are likely to be called to testify. Neidler's attorney said previously he advised his client to exercise his 5th Amendment right against testifying. Bowers and Lewis, who are a couple according to their personal Facebook pages, taped a segment of the "Dr. Phil" program in September and took lie detector tests. 


All three were inside the home the night Jacob Limberios was killed and all three have said Jake shot himself. 


The witness list also could include an array of experts and celebrity witnesses, including Dr. Cyril Wecht, Dr. Micael Baden, retired FBI agent Jack Trimarco, Dr. Phil, and Sandusky County officials who investigated his killing for 19 months before the probe was taken away and assigned by a judge to Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine. 


No firm date has been announced when the "Dr. Phil" segment about the Jacob Limberios story will air. The Justice for Jake & Ella Facebook page, a group supporting the Limberios family, has reported it could be shown as a two-day segment and air Nov. 18-19. 


The Register will report when an air date is set and also will show the program at sanduskyregister.com when it broadcasts. 


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