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Day 1: Triple Homicide Trial of Curtis Clinton

Sandusky Register Staff • Oct 30, 2013 at 10:50 AM

UPDATE 6:36 p.m. — Four more witnesses testified Tuesday afternoon.

• Josh Case, a friend of Jackson's, told jurors he had a friend drop him off at her John Street home at about 9:30 p.m. Sept. 7, hours before police say she was killed.

They watched a movie while Case drank Tanqueray and vodka, and each of them took a Percoset, Case said.

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While he was there, another man, Tom Hanson, pulled into Jackson's driveway and she got into his vehicle and they talked for a bit. After he left, Jackson came back inside with two pills, Case said.

Soon, Case asked another friend, Billy Crawford, to pick him up and take him to 7-Eleven to by milk and donuts for the kids to have in the morning.

When he returned, Hanson was back, in the kitchen talking to Jackson.

After Crawford and Hanson left, Jackson put the children to bed and she and Case went into her bedroom and had sex, he said.

Afterward, Crawford picked him up again and he left for the night, sometime before 1 a.m.

• Billy Crawford told jurors he did give Case a few rides that evening. He also recounted a moment with Celina, when he went into the home and picked her up for a few minutes because she wasn't feeling well.

• Tom Hanson told jurors he knew Jackson for only two weeks. They met through a mutual friend when she wanted to sell a car, then they started texting each other every day and he visited her often, he said.

He also helped her to move into her home, and told jurors he did visit her that evening. But he denied selling her drugs.

• Special Agent David Hammond, of the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation, testified about assisting Sandusky police by processing the crime scene the night of the homicides. He and another agent combed the John Street home for evidence for hours.

During his testimony, prosecutors showed jurors photos of Jackson's body in her bedroom and the children's bodies, found tossed behind boxes in a utility closet.

Hammond took swabs for dozens of DNA samples from the scene before sending the bodies to the Lucas County coroner's office for autopsies.

He also showed jurors several pieces of evidence, including the red leggings and underwear found around Jackson's neck, the blanket detectives suspect Clinton used to strangle Wayne Jr., and the black leggings used to strangle Celina.

Proceedings will begin again at 8:30 a.m. Wednesday.

Watch live and past video from the trial in the player below

— Due to graphic testimony, viewer discretion is advised —

UPDATE 12:54 p.m. — Five witnesses testified Tuesday morning in the trial of accused triple murderer Curtis Clinton, facing the death penalty if he is convicted.

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• Danielle Sorrell, a longtime friend of victim Heather Jackson, 23, told jurors of when she went to Jackson's house Sept. 8, to visit her in the afternoon. The doors were locked and it appeared no one was home, so she left.

Later, she returned to the residence after getting a voicemail from Jackson's mother, Jodie Lynch, who was concerned she hadn't heard from her daughter that day.

Sorrell opened a window, and didn't see anyone inside. But her suspicions heightened when she saw Wayne Jr.'s bottle in a bedroom, and Celina's blankets on the couch.

Heather didn't take her children anywhere without those items.

It was a few hours later she learned Jackson was dead. Her voice cracked on the stand at telling jurors about the memory.

• Officer Rob Bess performed a welfare check at Jackson's John Street home after her mother called police after not hearing from her for the day.

He found all the doors and windows locked.

He later returned to the scene and met two men in the driveway just before 8 p.m., after they called police about discovering a body under a mattress in the residence.

Daniel Risner, a man who didn't know Jackson, went with another man who did to Jackson's house to check on her that evening.

He forced his way into the house, only to discover Jackson's body.

He later called police.

• Sgt. Eric Graybill was the first Sandusky police officer to enter the house after Risner called 911. He secured the residence, and with another officer, started searching for the children.

Only after a second sweep of the home did he find their bodies, tossed in a utility closet behind a stack of boxes.

• Justin Kromer, a longtime friend of Jackson's and father of one of her children's cousins, was the last witness to testify before the noon break.

He told jurors he had visited her Friday, Sept. 7, the evening before she was killed.

After buying her and her children a pizza, he left for the evening, anticipating a call from Heather later when she planned to meet him at a bar.

She never called, so at about midnight, he called her and talked for a bit.

She told him she was putting Celina to bed and she would call him back.

After he didn't hear from her, Kromer sent her a text at about 3 a.m., asking if she was up.

She said she was, but their conversation ended there. He never heard from her again.

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