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City leaders hire technology consultants

Andy Ouriel • Oct 27, 2013 at 11:20 AM

The city of Huron’s technology today is far superior to the devices of yesteryear, such as dial-up Internet, cassette players or even rotary phones.

But city leaders believe some of their equipment may still be a bit outdated and inefficient. They’ve hired a consulting firm to troubleshoot their systems for two weeks.

Huron city council recently agreed to pay $19,000 to Cincinnati-based Afidence IT Consulting, whose employees will examine the city’s hardware and software.

“They literally look at every single processing system we have in regards to technology,” said Mike Spafford, Huron’s management intern. “They come in and assess everything, from current efficiencies of every piece of technology to our policy of purchasing new computers and phones.”

The firm’s workers should arrive in Huron sometime within a month. They’ll likely stay about two weeks, assessing equipment and interviewing employees about the systems.

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