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Sandusky agrees to disagree

Andy Ouriel • Oct 23, 2013 at 7:29 AM

Five city commissioners developed a "consensus" performance evaluation for city manager Nicole Ard, determining in fewer than 150 words that she met her job goals but needs to improve her communication skills. 

Exactly how that "consensus" was reached is anyone's guess. 

Click HERE to read the "consensus and the dissenting evaluations.  

Sandusky city commissioners Diedre Cole and Wes Poole don't know, and their dissenting views aren't part of the evaluation approved by commissioners Keith Grohe, Jeff Smith, Julie Farrar, Pervis Brown and John Hamilton. 

Grohe wrote the majority opinion on Ard's job performance. He did not respond to a request for information sent to him on Friday. Brown and Hamilton also did not reply to questions from the Register about the evaluation process. 

Responses from Smith and Farrar are posted at sanduskyregister.com under the headline, "Jeff Smith replies," but the information they offered doesn't appear to provide clarity.  

Hamilton said in September that "nobody really wanted" Poole's evaluation when he gave it to commissioners during a closed meeting. It's unclear if any of the commissioners who voted for the "consensus" evaluation even read the dissenting viewpoints from Poole and Cole.

When contacted for this story, Ard declined to address the criticisms from Cole and Poole. The evaluation is to be kept private according to her employment contract, she stated, declining to respond to questions. The Ohio Revised Code prohibits public contracts from having privacy provisions that don't comply with the state's public records law. 

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