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Leaf pickups scheduled

Sandusky Register Staff • Oct 14, 2013 at 4:50 PM

Residents must place leaves on the boulevard and not in the street.

They also must be left beside the curb before the first scheduled pickup day in their particular zone.

If leaves are raked ahead of the designated scheduled pickup, they can be placed near the street and then raked to the curb or shoulder a day before the first scheduled pickup day. 

No brush or other yard waste, such as tree limbs, can be placed with the leaves.

Residents who participate in the city’s weekly yard waste collection program must keep leaves and yard waste separate.

You may bag your leaves, but they must be placed in paper bags only and left at the curb for pickup. Vehicles should be parked off the street when leaf collection is scheduled to occur in your zone.

Here’s a schedule of leaf pickup: (Zones pictured above right)

• Zone 1: Oct. 31, Nov. 1, 4-6, 27; Dec. 2-5

East of Meigs Street and Sycamore Line to the city limits, including the Cedar Point Chaussee

• Zone 2: Nov. 6-8, 12-13; Dec. 5-6, 9-11

West of Meigs Street and Sycamore Line to Columbus Avenue from Water Street to the railroad tracks

• Zone 3: Nov. 13-15, 18; Dec. 11-13, 16

West of Columbus Avenue to Camp Street from Sandusky Bay to the railroad tracks

• Zone 4: Nov. 18-22; Dec. 16-20

West of Camp Street, including the Venice area

• Zone 5: Oct. 28-31; Nov. 25-27

South of the railroad, east of Camp Street to the city limits

Run through zones: Dec. 23, 26-27, 30


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