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Dog returns to Sandusky

Tom Jackson • Oct 3, 2013 at 9:10 AM

A local dog that went missing in Florida for weeks is back in Sandusky with his family.


Plato, a 10-year-old Jack Russell named after the Greek philosopher, is still nursing an ear infection (he goes back to the vet Friday) but otherwise is fine, said Jamie Hiser, who worked tirelessly to track down the family pet.


The Hisers took Plato on a family trip to Clermont, Fla., to visit relatives, but someone left a gate open, and Plato wandered away July 30. A search proved fruitless, and the family had to return to Sandusky.

Hiser, however, refused to give up and bombarded animal shelters and organizations in the area with emails for weeks.

One of the messages showed up in the inbox of Denise Ridgeon, founder of Lifeline Dog Rescue in Davenport, Fla. Ridgeon requested a photo and took it upon herself to find Plato. Ridgeon found the shelter where Plato originally was taken, then tracked the dog to another shelter were he eventually ended up.

On Sept. 18, Ridgeon’s husband picked him up, and the Ridgeons kept Plato at their home until the Hisers could return to Florida.

“He was a total, total sweetheart,” Ridgeon said. “He was such a good boy.”

Jamie Hiser hit the road for Florida with her son Kaden, 10, on Sept. 21. She returned to Sandusky with Plato on Sept. 24.

Plato, who has hearing problems, didn’t react at first during the Florida reunion, but he realized who was there after giving Kaden a good sniff, Hiser said. “All of a sudden, he got super excited,” Hiser said.

When Plato returned home to Sandusky, he ran around the house, greeted everyone and then crawled into bed.

Plato mostly seems fine but doesn’t like being left alone.

“He’s a little clingy now,” Hiser said. “Whenever we leave the house, he’s a little upset.”

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