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Perkins targets bad roads

Andy Ouriel • Sep 30, 2013 at 5:40 PM

Problem is, there might not be enough money in an already-tight $8.5 million budget to front these funds.

At a recent public meeting, township highway superintendent Eric Dodrill requested these local taxpayer funds specifically for:

• Fixing and replacing a section of curb and pavement on Sunset Lane by East Bayview Lane. “We did a temporary repair to drain the water two years ago, which led to the pavement further deteriorating,” Dodrill said. “All of Sunset Lane is in a deteriorated state.”

• Bolstering a catch basin and paving Schenk Road by West Bogart Road. “The pavement has settled around a catch basin,” Dodrill said. “The area won’t drain properly.”

If trustees further neglect these problems — issues residents have wanted addressed for years — the problems will only get worse, Dodrill said.

“We will no doubt try to do temporary fixes and temporary improvements, but we are going to have a problem if we don’t (fully) repair these areas,” Dodrill said. After reviewing the budget, trustees should make a decision sometime within a month. “This is a situation that absolutely has to be addressed,” trustee Mike Printy said.

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