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Stealing hot pizza not cool

Sandusky Register Staff • Sep 24, 2013 at 3:40 PM

Felicia Cool, 35, of Niles, was charged with theft.

A family visiting the resort bought two large sheet pizzas and left them on a table when they stepped inside the water park for a short time. The pizzas’ owner returned to her table to find Cool taking slices from the box. Cool tried to walk away, but stopped and apologized, saying a man named “George” said she could take some, the report said.

The woman’s husband said he wanted to press charges. He was upset that Kalahari security officers downplayed the theft as “not a big deal,” and that Cool was treating the whole ordeal like a joke, the report said.

Cool bought a small pizza and offered it to the man, but he insisted it wasn’t enough to make up for what was stolen.

Cool was arrested and escorted from the property.

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