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Sandusky Library revamps its technology

Tom Jackson • Sep 21, 2013 at 3:40 PM

On Monday, patrons will have access to 18 brand new computers with new Windows software and applications programs.

   That’s slightly less than the 22 Windows XP machines that are being replaced, but Julie Brooks, the library director, argues that the library is continuing to expand access. The library has four new iPads that can be checked out and used anywhere in the library and two more iPads will be offered by Monday, she said.

   Brooks said when the library began offering Internet access 10 years ago, it did not have wireless. It has offered free wireless Internet for years now, and a growing number of patrons bring in their own devices to use it, Brooks said.

   Because many people rely upon the library when they search for a job, the library, has purchased new resumé software for the computers, Winway Resumé Deluxe.

   “We spent some time researching it and making sure it was a good fit for our user base,” said Sam Chada, director of communications and technology for Sandusky Library.

   The new computers will cost $15,000. The library includes money in the budget to replace its computers every five years, Brooks said.

   The library also spent $20,000 for a new Xerox machine that will provide printing for library computers and will allow patrons to print from their own devices from anywhere in the building, or even from home.

   Patrons who need a printer can print from home to the library’s printer, then visit the library to pay for the printout.

   In addition, for the first time, the new Xerox machine will allow patrons to scan photographs and documents, Chada said.

   The library closed Thursday so the new machines could be installed. It remained closed Friday to let staff train on the new technology and will remain closed today, when staffers will bring in family members and test their ability to use the machines.

   The library reopens Monday. Digital borrowing continued while the building was closed.

   The library is also adding a self-check machine to the children’s area to supplement the two selfcheck machines at the main circulation desk. Allowing patrons to check out their own materials has allowed the library to reduce the size of the lines in the circulation area, Brooks said.

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