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“Building Doctors” will be making some house calls

Melissa Topey • Sep 11, 2013 at 9:48 AM

The event is sponsored by Main Street Port Clinton and the Ohio Historic Preservation Office of the Ohio Historical Society.


“We are trying to get downtown Port Clinton in top physical shape; anything we can do to keep the architecture and history intact we will do,” said Laura Schlachter, programs manager for Main Street Port Clinton.


The clinic will feature Building Doctors Justin Cook and Scott McIntosh, of the Ohio Historic Preservation Society. They will discuss guidelines for renovation projects and ways to solve some of the most common problems of older buildings built from 1800 to 1955. This event is open to all old-building owners in the area.


The following day, the doctors will stop in person to examine buildings in the Port Clinton area, advising owners on technical and design problems, Schlachter said. 


Some problems they typically see at on-site examinations include persistent peeling paint or flaking plaster, wet basements and deteriorating masonry. They’ll also look at plans for remodeling, additions or, if needed, demolition.


Ten building owners are lined up for the inspections so far, Schlachter said. One of them is Carolyn Rodenhauser, who along with her husband, Jon, is the new owner of 106 W. Perry St. The structure was built in the 1890s as the Clinton House Hotel and Carter Motel. 


Carolyn said she and her husband want to restore the place to its glory of old, and call it the Clinton House, in a nod to its history. “Initially we bought it as as investment for the apartments upstairs, but now it is for the love of the building that drove us to restore it,” Carolyn said.


The couple has restored the roof and are working on repairing disintegrating mortar. Carolyn said she’s looking forward to talking to the Building Doctors.


She plans to discuss with them the preservation of the original stained glass windows, tin ceiling and original wood floors.


“I can’t wait to have them tour the building and recommend what can be done,” she said.


The seminar and on-site consultation are free with advance registration by Sept. 19. To register, go to building-doctor.org or call 1-800-499-2470.


Four buildings in Port Clinton are currently listed on the National Register.

Ottawa County Courthouse (Madison Street)

Old City Hall (NW corner of E. Second Street and Adams St.)

Island House hotel (102 Madison Street)

St. Thomas Episcopal Church (214 E. Second St.)


Over 60 buildings in the historic downtown are eligible to be listed on the National Register of Historic Places.


Percentage of buildings in downtown by year built:

Pre 1860: 2%

1860-1899: 18%

1900-1919: 44%

1920-1939: 21%

1940-1959: 8%

Post 1959:7%

Information provided by Laura Schlachter, Program Manager  Main Street Port Clinton



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