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Decoy Dynasty

Melissa Topey • Aug 30, 2013 at 12:20 PM

These birds didn’t fly the coop — they just moved down the road.

Fowl Foolers is making its handcrafted, burlap-wrapped duck decoys under new ownership at a new location. Scot Smith purchased the business from Charlie Heiges about a year ago, then moved the shop in October from Ohio 53 to Gill Road, where the decoys are now proudly on display.

Smith’s sister, Rosalyn Ahner, manages the bird business. “We have molds for bodies. We have molds for heads,” Ahner said. “We can make 120 different kinds, different versions, of duck decoys.”


Fowl Foolers

Where: 2435 E. Gill Road, Port Clinton

Phone: 419-960-7307



Each decoy is made of a Styrofoam core wrapped in burlap. It’s coated and then hand-painted in precise detail, she said. “With a plastic decoy, if a hunter puts a hole in it it sinks,” Ahner said.

Hunters love that the Fowl Foolers decoys are made in America, she said. The bodies are made by a company in Cincinnati, using Fowl Foolers molds, and the heads are made in Michigan, using their molds as well. The burlap is from an American company.

Fowl Foolers ships the decoys all across the country. “We did a dozen Brants, which are ducks from the West Coast,” Ahner said. “I shipped them out to Washington.”

The business is adding to its product line, as well, offered a flexible- necked goose decoy. “It blows in the wind to portray movement,” Ahner said. “If a decoy is still, they may not land. These animals are very smart.”

The duck decoys sell for $23.75 apiece or $260 for a dozen. A goose sells for $26.75 apiece, or $290 a dozen.

Fowl Foolers also sell calls, flappers and clothes.




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