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Huron park ballfield gets an upgrade

Andy Ouriel • Aug 28, 2013 at 1:00 PM

About 10 workers from the Perkins Township-based Home Depot on Saturday vigorously worked on revamping Huron Park, located on East Monroe Street by CVS Pharmacy.


The employees donated their time and didn’t receive any money for the work.

Along with a dozen city firefighters, crews:

• Straightened and painted a once-curly, rusted fence posing a safety hazard to children and adults.

• Installed wooden boards against a backstop behind home plate so balls can ricochet back into play rather than roll out into the street.

• Worked toward configuring a dugout on the field’s third base side.

See more photos of the cleanup HERE


Crews are returning later this year to finish up the work they started. “We want to get out in the community and give back to the people that shop in our stores to show we support them,” said Dave Blaseg, a Berlin Heights resident and the local Home Depot’s assistant manager.


People working for Home Depots across the country participate in initiatives, such as baseball field cleanups, in hopes of making a neighborhood or community a better place to live. Among those elated to see work completed on the field include Sandusky resident Tim Schwanger.


Throughout the summer, Schwanger lobbied to Home Depot representatives about spending money to improve the field. “It’s important to maintain the remaining parks that we have,” said Schwanger, who advocates for shoreline preservation and park preservation.


In May and June, the Register profiled the park, keying in on city officials apparent lack of interest to clean it up. Children oftentimes play on the field with weeds poking up between baselines and batter boxes. It gets so bad that players practice in the outfield grass.


City crews, meanwhile, only cleaned up the field after the Register wrote about its dilapidated state. Even after the cleanup, the field’s still missing bases, a pitching rubber, chalk lines separating fair and foul territories and dozens of other amenities found on most ball diamonds. Despite these shortcomings, many people still consider Huron Park their personal field of dreams.


“Nothing’s wrong with this field,” said Lafonze Phillips, a boy who frequently practices and plays at the field. “I come down here every day to play on it. But I would like to see someone improve it so more people could come down here and play.”


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