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Standoff in Sandusky ends in arrest

Jessica Cuffman • Aug 27, 2014 at 2:38 PM

A Florida man accused of abusing a 1-year-old boy was arrested Tuesday morning following a brief standoff with police.

Acting on a tip that Shelton Andrews, 29, was in the area, Sandusky police showed up at about 10 a.m. at a Monticello Arms apartment on Milan Road and knocked on the door.

"We knocked, we heard movement and the TV, and no one would answer," Sandusky police Detective Dana Newell said.

Officers and Erie County deputies evacuated the building, as Andrews is known to own guns. Police ordered Andrews to come out of the apartment, but when he refused they obtained a key and opened the door.

While a woman and Andrews' two boys, ages 1 and 8, exited the apartment, Andrews locked himself into a bedroom.

"He barricaded himself in a room and would not come out," Newell said.

Officers sent a police dog into the room and the dog alerted to a closet, prompting officers to yank Andrews out of the closet.

He was arrested and taken to the Erie County jail, where he remains on charges of inducing panic and obstructing official business. Newell said additional charges could follow.

When police and deputies arrived at the apartment complex Tuesday morning, they evacuated apartment residents. Armed deputies and officers stood around the perimeter, weapons pointed toward the building until Andrews was taken into custody.

Apartment tenants were allowed back into their homes after about an hour.

Andrews is also a suspect in four other crimes in Sandusky in the past few months, police said. Newell refused to elaborate on the other alleged crimes, citing an ongoing investigation.

Social workers are now assisting the woman and the two boys who were taken from the apartment. Information about their conditions was not immediately available.

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