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Sandusky, Huron police nab gun thief

Sandusky Register Staff • Aug 27, 2014 at 2:38 PM

Huron police arrested a Sandusky teenager Wednesday after linking him to a May 19 incident in which more than a dozen large-caliber rifles were stolen from a Surf Drive home.


The boy, 17, of the 300 block of Fulton St., faces one count of felonious burglary and nine counts of felonious theft of firearms. Sandusky police also charged him with resisting arrest because he fought officers as they tried to transport him to the Huron police station, a police report said. 


The guns were originally reported missing by their owner, who returned home to find his belongings askew. He found several guns lying around his bedroom, and noted one set of high-quality guns missing from a locked closet, according to a Huron police report. 


A few days later, another Surf Drive resident saw a man ride a bicycle behind the same house, then heard glass breaking. When she confronted the suspect, he fled.


During the course of that investigation, Huron police arrested one man for receiving stolen property. They then received information from other sources about the identity of the possible thief, officers said.


That information helped officers zero-in on suspects, providing enough probable cause to issue a warrant for the boy’s arrest. Huron police took custody of the teenager after Sandusky police interviewed him in an unrelated matter, according to a police report.


Sandusky detectives told the boy of his outstanding theft warrants, but he refused to walk and became dead-weight when officers told him he was under arrest. He was carried into a cruiser and taken to the county detention home.


Officers have recovered four of the stolen rifles, leaving several weapons still unaccounted for.


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