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Where Have All the Eagles Gone?

Hollie Newton • Jul 11, 2013 at 7:30 AM

50 years ago, 1963: Scientists worried over the future of America's national bird, the bald eagle. There were only 4,000 bald eagles left in the U.S., excluding Alaska. Investigations centered on pesticides as a possible cause for the decline in the birds. Pesticides were found in unhatched eggs and dead eagles. 

25 years ago, 1988: Mandatory sprinkling bans were in effect or Erie County and parts of Ottawa County including Port Clinton. Erie County Sanitary Engineers announced a ban for Perkins, Margaretta, Huron, Berlin, Vermilion, Oxford and Milan townships.

10 years ago, 2003: The State's new budget bill asked taxpayers to dig further into their pockets to help Ohio out of a financial crisis. Ohio tacked on $12 to driver license fees and $11 to vehicle registration fees. The changes were to begin in October of 2003.


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