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Snake River falls boat jumps the track

Melissa Topey • Jul 3, 2013 at 1:00 PM

A boat on Snake River with 12 people on board jumped the track as it plunged down.

Some of the people on the boat were the Marini family, including 8-year-old Sophia Marini.

“We were coming down and we noticed, usually there is a humongous splash; there was no splash,”

Sophia Marini said. “We were supposed to turn; we went right off the track.”

Sophia said the riders were jerked when that happened, but it was not too bad.

“We were scared if another boat was going to hit us,” Sophia Marini said.

Victoria Marini was watching as her two children, her nieces and nephews and her sister were riding Snake River.

“As a mother I was screaming for someone to stop the ride,” Victoria Marini said.

She also called out to her kids to see if they were OK. Everyone was.

Cedar Point officials were quickly at the ride.

“Cedar Point was really great with us about this,” Victoria Marini said. “I felt they handled it well, they were very sweet with the kids.”

They continued with their day, which was helped by passes to jump the line at a ride.

“I used them on the Iron Dragon and the Mine Ride,” Sophia Marini said.

“This is just going to be a crazy family story we re-tell for years to come,” Victoria Marini said.

Bryan Edwards said the ride was immediately closed down for the day and inspected. It was determined the water level for the ride was too low. The problem was corrected, and the ride re-opened on Sunday.

“Safety is our No. 1 concern,” Edwards said.

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