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Under cover underage alcohol buys net charges

Jessica Cuffman • Jun 9, 2013 at 3:00 PM

“We’re trying to put a stop to some of the ways that kids get their alcohol,” Fremont police Detective Jason Kiddey said.

On Monday, detectives sent underage people into the stores, where they used their own IDs — underage IDs are vertical, instead of horizontal — to buy something small, such as a six pack of beer.

“There was no trickery,” Kiddey said.

After a snag at the first stop, where a teacher recognized one of their former students who has just graduated trying to buy booze, the next two visits to Mickey Mart Marathon and Speedway East were successful for the undercovers.

At the first, an undercover bought a six-pack of Mike’s Hard Lemonade and at the second bought a six-pack of Tecate. A few stops later, the person snagged another catch at Sunoco Friendship.

Then at the second to last stop of the day, a Walmart clerk sold Seagrams Fuzzy Peach. The clerk was fired on the spot, per the store’s no-tolerance policy.

“That wasn’t our intention to go out and get people fired,” Kiddey said. “People need to be diligent at their job.”

Sandusky County detectives also conducted controlled buys Monday. Clerks at two of 18 businesses sold to underage persons.

The Fremont clerks charged with furnishing alcohol to a minor included: Heather Isaacs, 27; Maxwell Beck, 20; Eric Wettrich, 34; and Brandon Kochs, 21.

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