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Update: Crew sent to clean up ball park

Register • Jun 12, 2013 at 3:21 PM

Update: The ball park the city forgot about for the last few years got a quick makeover Tuesday hours after an article about concerns from two commissioners was posted at sanduskyregister.com.

Sandusky city commissioners Diedre Cole and Wes Poole both wanted a cleanup but were unable to get fellow commissioners to act.

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City manager Nicole Ard did not immediately respond Tuesday to an email inquiry asking who ordered the cleanup. Ard generally does not return phone calls or respond to email inquiries. If she does respond her replies are sometimes non-responsive to the questions or nonsensical. 

Commissioners Julie Farrar and Jeff Smith both complained about Cole and Poole asking for the cleanup. Farrar suggested Poole was ignorant and Smith posted inaccurate statements about the Register's role in reporting the information. Neither commissioner responded to a request for additional information. 

Commissioners Keith Grohe, Pervis Brown and ex officio mayor John Hamiltion, who together with Farrar and Smith make up the majority coalition on commission, also did not respond. Poole also did not respond. 

Farrar and Smith also said the city couldn't afford to send a work crew to the park. It's not clear how that was overcome Tuesday. 

Cole said all she hoped for was that the park would get cleaned up. 

"I'm surprised it was done so quickly but I'm not complaining," she said. 

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Original post, June 4, 2013

7:33 a.m.

City's park maintenance under fire 

SANDUSKY — The city has let the Huron Park baseball field go un-maintained for years, and now two city commissioners want that to change. 

"We just need to have the field repaired to a standard suitable for safety and reasonable use now," Sandusky city commissioner Diedre Cole stated in an email to fellow commissioner Julie Farrar. 

Cole suggested that Farrar's opposition to maintaining the baseball field was ignoring the needs of neighborhood youngsters who still use the field quite frequently despite the city's refusal to properly maintain it. 

"From outward appearances it looks like the poor inner-city kids get the crap field while those who can afford league participation get the well-adorned fields of Dorn Park and Amvets Park," Cole told Farrar. "Like it or not, that's how it looks and your continued support concretes that position." 

Farrar suggested the city cannot maintain the park due to manpower issues and finances. 

"Our grounds department has nearly 600 acres of grass to mow in our parks, weed spraying that needs done, public bathrooms to clean, setting up for special events, equipment that has to be moved all about the city and they only have two full-time employees and two seasonal employees to do it," Farrar wrote in response to an email from city commissioner Wes Poole. "I guess you could get all that work done with just those four people and that wouldn't overwhelm you? You're so awsome!!"

Farrar also suggested Poole was stupid for inquiring about the field. 

"I cannot even believe I am responding to your uneducated yammering about something you weren't even around to take part in," Farrar wrote in her email to Poole.

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