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Haunting makes for scary work

Register • Jun 3, 2013 at 9:00 AM



I walked in through the glass doors expecting to face zombies, monsters and aliens. 

Instead, I came across something else entirely. A place for family fun.

For my second On The Job assignment as a Register intern, filling in for reporter Melissa Topey, who is on vacation, I helped out at Ghostly Manor Thrill Center on Milan Road in Sandusky.

Rather than working alongside ghosts and goblins, I started my shift in the kitchen with Brandy Traylor, who has worked for the center since June 2012.

I had to make sure the kitchen had all varieties of potato chips and candy stocked for customers. After gathering the snacks from the back stockroom, I went through the chips and clipped them on a display rack so customers could pick out their favorite flavors.

As soon as I finished replenishing the supply of foods, I came across someone’s worst nightmare. Although I was at a place that has been recognized nationally for its haunts, it wasn’t someone dressed up with a mask yielding a knife. It was a heaping pile of dishes.

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