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Sandusky County jail guard resigns

Jessica Cuffman • May 26, 2013 at 10:00 AM

A Sandusky County jail guard resigned last week amid allegations he assaulted a co-worker while on duty.

But before leaving, he leveled a whole set of accusations at the victim, accusing her of having inappropriate relationships with two inmates and making sexual advances at road deputies.

Chris Benson submitted his resignation letter Monday, about a month after Sheriff Kyle Overmyer placed him on paid leave pending the outcome of an internal investigation into allegations he hit co-worker Emily Longoria in the back and grabbed her by the chin.

The investigation said Benson gave conflicting statements as to what happened between him and Longoria. In one instance, he told supervisors he was joking and had simply pushed her chin with his finger. In another instance, he said he didn’t touch her chin at all.

County attorneys were reviewing the case before making a recommendation to the sheriff’s office about what kind of consequences Benson should face.

Documents in Benson’s personnel file said he’d been given a final warning after past disciplinary incidents, and he could be fired for any additional infractions.

Benson’s resignation letter this past week simply stated he was leaving his position.

He also submitted a separate letter accusing Longoria of hitting him in the back — the first such accusation in the case. 

“This made me feel uncomfortable,” he said. “This took me by surprise as she is a woman.”

Benson also accused Longoria of having an inappropriate friendship with their supervisor, having inappropriate relationships with two inmates, and making sexual advances toward two road deputies.

“Deputy Longoria is aggressive towards the men whom she works with, and that included me,” he said.

Benson’s allegation has been handled, said Maj. Tom Fligor, the jail’s administrator.

“There was no internal investigation necessary,” he said. “I did in fact have a meeting with her on May 22 and this matter has been handled.”

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