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Naked men run through streets

Register • May 18, 2013 at 10:20 AM

Erie County had more naked men than a Roman bathhouse this week. 

One incident in Sandusky and one in Vermilion resulted in arrests, but a third case of nudity in Sandusky remains unsolved. 

A Vermilion man believed he was on a mission from God last week when police stopped him while responding to a complaint about a naked man. 

Nicholas Paradassis, 25, refused to stop walking when officers tried to stop him, according to a Vermilion police report. “I was sent on a mission from God,” Paradassis told officers, explaining that he was walking to St. Mary’s church to fulfill God’s mission before heading home. 

He was charged with indecent exposure/public indecency. 

On Thursday, Sandusky police got a double-whammy. Officers investigating an unrelated complaint spotted a nude man kneeling near the window of a home at Garfield Avenue and Sycamore Line. Officers chased the man, who jumped over a 7-foot fence before quickly disappearing into the darkness. 

“While we were looking for him, we get another call about a naked guy,” Sandusky police Lt. Rich Braun said. “This time over at Quality Inn, running through the bowling alley lobby and up and down the halls.” 

Police wondered if it might be the same guy, although it would been a small miracle for him to cover that kind of ground, naked no less. 

“You just don’t get a call about a naked guy every night, let alone two of them at once,” Braun said. 

Turns out the guy at Quality Inn had too much to drink and forgot his room number. Nicholas Calabria, 25, of Westerville, was charged with public indecency and disorderly conduct intoxicated. 

“Not a stitch on him,” Braun said.

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