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Topey tries out

Melissa Topey • May 13, 2013 at 9:30 AM

Monday afternoon, I stepped out onto the field. 

“How you doing?” asked Ricardo Lizcano, a Toledo guy vying to become an outfielder for the Lake Erie Crushers. 

We were on the ground, on our sides, stretching after running several conditioning drills on the field at All Pro Freight Stadium in Avon, home to the Crushers, a Frontier League baseball team.    

“I’m OK,” I said, gasping for air. “You guys barely break a sweat. I sound as if I’ve been a chain smoker for 20 years.” 

The guys around me chuckled. To them, this physical conditioning was the warmup stage. 

To me, well, let’s just say I recognize running when I see it. 

I was excited when about a month ago, I learned the Crushers would let me write an “On the Job” about trying out for the team.  

And I have to say, it was an all-around gratifying experience on every level. I was especially grateful, however, when the physical training was done, and I was also grateful to physical therapist Heather Jennings, who cheered me and kept a watchful eye on me.   

After “warmups,” I soon found myself borrowing a mitt to try my hand at pitching.

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