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CCW permits double in Ohio

Jessica Cuffman • May 11, 2013 at 4:35 PM

The number of Ohioans who have obtained concealed-carry permits has almost doubled across the state ever since the Sandy Hook shootings and ramped-up talks on gun control. 

The number of new permit holders in Erie County increased by 173 percent in the first quarter of 2013, compared to the same period last year, according to figures from the Ohio Attorney General’s Office.

In Ottawa County, the increase was even more significant: a 207 percent increase in the number of people receiving concealed-carry licenses, compared to the same period last year. Both counties topped the percentage increase statewide, 87 percent.

“Just statewide in general, the numbers are up,” Erie County Sheriff Paul Sigsworth said. “People are interested in exercising their rights under that state law to obtain a license.”

Part of the increase in Erie County may be attributed to the fact Sigsworth’s office accepts permit applications six days a week, with half days on Saturdays to accommodate the demand. People who apply for concealed-carry permits can apply in any county bordering their county of residence, Sigsworth said.

Click here for news video with Ohio attorney general Mike DeWine. 

In Washington, D.C., meanwhile, the debate over gun control continues, with President Barack Obama and others pushing to tighten gun access following the December massacre at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.

Locally and across the nation, guns flew off of shelves and manufacturers were backed up as Americans reacted to proposals for stricter gun control, including proposed background check expansions, legislation that Congress failed to approve last month.

The Associated Press contributed to this story. 

Concealed Carry Licenses issued       First quarter 2012           First quarter 2013       % increase            2012 total        


Erie County                                                         301                                 822                               173                          1,221              

Huron County                                                      59                                    78                                  32                             222                 

Ottawa County                                                     94                                  289                               207                             430                  

Sandusky County                                              201                                 335                                 67                              599                 


Statewide                                                    16,823                                 31,407                           87                              64,650                 


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