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Anonymous blasts Sandusky County's 'heartless' approach

Alissa Widman Neese • May 10, 2013 at 1:33 PM

Hours after family members buried Jacob Limberios a third time, Internet supergroup Anonymous issued its third news release criticizing and posing pressing questions to Sandusky County officials.

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The burial took place Thursday afternoon, the same day an attorney representing Sandusky County sent a "threatening" email to Dan McGookey, the attorney representing the Limberios family in a lawsuit.

"They are threatening to arrest us, for obstruction," McGookey said.

In the release, issued by the offiical @OpJustice4Jake Twitter account, Anonymous members critique special prosecutor Dean Henry's demands that a forensic pathologist hired by the Limberios family turn over his remaining tissue samples from Jacob's exhumed body.

"In the eyes of the world the special prosecutor's office is now beginning to appear heartless, petty and vindictive, as well as potentially incompetent," the release states. "Do you not believe this family has been through enough that you might consider one of the compromises which have been suggested rather than sticking, shall we say doggedly, to your 'my way or the highway' approach?"

Anonymous suggests Henry sends his doctor to Pennsylvania, where the forensic pathologist is located, to view the samples.

Jacob was shot and killed March 2, 2012. Sandusky County officials ruled the death a suicide, but the forensic pathologist hired by the Limberios family examined the body and determined it was a homicide.

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