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Fire hydrants 101

Melissa Topey • May 6, 2013 at 1:44 PM

Come on, big boots.

That’s what I heard from Brad Link, foreman at the Sandusky Water Department, as I prepared to flush some fire hydrants this week. 

I donned a green safety vest and two large rubber boots to keep my feet dry, but each boot felt like it weighed 5 pounds. 

I jumped in the city truck with Link, and away we went to Monroe andJackson streets.

“We try a couple weeks beforehand to put notice in the paper or radio,” he said. “We call certain businesses beforehand, like Sandusky Ice. They can’t make ice with this water. It makes it cloudy. Not unsafe, just cloudy.”

Showing me the ropes along the way was Amy Wyatt, an employee who knows how to have fun while working hard.  

And so began Hydrant Flushing 101.

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