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Fuzzy math

Alissa Widman Neese • May 15, 2013 at 5:44 PM

The Center for Green Schools recently released a study that determined it would cost $542 billion to get the nation's school buildings up to par, as a great many districts have structures that are simply in disrepair.    

While the center's leaders are pushing for the first federal study of school buildings in nearly two decades — to determine what's needed to ensure education, safety and health standards are met —the Register reached out to local school districts on this front. 

The question: What would it cost to improve each district's buildings? 

The Center for Green Schools found that leaders at many districts in the U.S. are ignoring the problem because they don't understand the extent of it. 

Indeed, locally, it appears many school leaders don't know what it would take to fix their school facilities.

After reaching out to 15 district leaders this past month, the Register found many have only addressed costs to improve a few buildings, or they simply did not have any such data available. The districts that provided the best data were those already pursuing building projects with the Ohio School Facilities Commission. 

To read the full story, pick up Sunday's Register or subscribe to the ePaper here. 

Also, click on the PDF below to read the Register's exchange of emails with district officials on this topic.  

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