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Mike Limberios kneels at son's grave

Emil Whitis • May 1, 2013 at 8:26 AM

As the gravedigger arrived, Mike Limberios knelt at his son Jacob's grave this morning, hoping to stop the scheduled exhumation from the Castalia Cemetery. With his wife Shannon and their other son Michael Limberios, and about 40 supporters, they prayed silently at the grave for about 15 minutes. 

Erie County Sheriff Paul Sigsworth spoke briefly to Limberios family attorney Dan McGookey, and then knelt down and helped Mike Limberios to his feet, hugging him. 

"Justice will be served in a more broad sense than we ever could have imagined. Let that be Jake's lasting legacy," McGookey said, telling the group it was time to disperse.

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The family and its supports walked to the bottom of a hill at an entrance to the cemetery, out of view as the backhoe began digging the dirt over Jacob's grave.

Earlier this morning they walked silently from Lions Park to the cemetery. Erie County sheriff's deputies and Castalia police officers assisted with traffic as the march progressed.

The exhumation is currently underway.

Sandusky County special prosecutor Dean Henry has insisted on a second exhumation and a second autopsy, but he hasn't explained to the Limberios family's satisfaction why it's necessary, or said whether tissue samples provided to county officials from a previous autopsy were ever sent for testing. Henry did not seek the family's permission to exhume Jacob's body and did not directly inform them of his intention.

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