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Bellevue High School students dive into marine biology

Alissa Widman Neese • May 1, 2013 at 10:23 AM

A preview of today's schools feature story, from Bellevue High School:

Junior Erica Eskins often peruses more than a dozen eye-catching aquariums during free class periods, getting a daily glimpse of what life is like on the ocean floor.

Simply put, she’s hooked.

Bellevue High School boasts the area’s largest marine lab for students such as Eskins, featuring three seahorses, two small sharks, countless corals and dozens of colorful salt water fish. 

For 15 years the lab has provided a unique educational opportunity for marine biology students, Marine Club members or anyone who simply wants to learn more about aquatic life.

“Some of us are in here every day of the week working on the tanks,” said Eskins, the Marine Club’s president. She manages 40 or so student members, many engaged in independent marine research projects during class time and after school.

Click here for a photo gallery of the lab.

The Martha Holden Jennings Foundation awarded the educational program a $2,000 “dive into science” grant this past fall. Students used the money to establish a tank used to grow mangrove trees and breed seahorses and pipefish. The national foundation highlighted the experiment in its April newsletter.

The lab relies greatly on donations from individuals and businesses to continue operating. One of its biggest expenses is aquarium salt. To purchase a $48 bag of salt for the lab, call the high school at 419-484-5070.

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