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Play Ball: Landing a homerun in Erie County

Andy Ouriel • Apr 6, 2013 at 8:00 AM

Imagine watching a wooden bat smack against a tiny white ball whizzing by at almost 100 mph.

The thundering crack echoes through the quaint stadium on a warm summer day, so loud even boaters on Lake Erie can hear it. In an arch-like projection, the baseball seems to soar higher than the peaks of the roller coasters in the backdrop. An outfielder sprints toward a wall, begrudgingly stopping at the barrier as the homerun ball splashes into Sandusky Bay.

Jubilation overtakes the crowd. Between bites of Toft’s ice cream and Berardi’s french fries, the fans root for Erie County’s professional baseball team.

Sounds great, right? 

At least one baseball executive, however, believes Erie County could expand on it’s hardball offerings at a higher level.

“I have always liked the potential of a team there,” Frontier League commissioner Bill Lee said.

The Frontier League oversees 14 independent teams in the Midwest, and the squads are all unaffiliated with Major League Baseball. 

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