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Maui Sands water park opens

Melissa Topey • Mar 30, 2013 at 12:00 PM

Who says Hawaiian-style fun can’t be had in Sandusky? And at springtime, no less. 

The owners of Maui Sands have reopened the water park, years after the previous owners shut it down amid financial troubles. Thrill seekers can now slide down Hammerhead Plunge and the Mowie Wowie Bowl Slide.

“It has been so great,” said Maria Blanton, spokeswoman for Maui Sands. “We are bursting at the seams.”

On a recent winter day, Blanton posted a notice on Facebook, advertising a Snow Day Special. It was below freezing outside, and the ad paid off — the park was quickly full of children splashing in water while enjoying a comfortable 84 degrees indoors. 

The promotion fit the niche market for Maui Sands: Families with children ages 6 to 13.

“I would walk by the park just to see the kids,” Blanton said. “It’s exciting.”

Maui Sands will continue to post specials on its Facebook page. Full-day passes are available, as well as discount prices for evening visits. Admission prices depend on the child’s height.

Blanton said the resort has been running room specials, too. The 308-room resort closed Thanksgiving Day 2008, sitting vacant for about four years until it was purchased by MKSP. 

The hotel has reopened with 136 rooms, although plans are in the works to reopen the remaining units within a year.

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