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Gloved woman doesn’t like sleeping alone

Emil Whitis • Aug 27, 2014 at 2:38 PM

Perkins police had a strange encounter with a gloved Cleveland woman Wednesday morning in a Walmart parking lot.

Officers spotted a blue Chrysler van parked near a group of semis. The engine was running and bed sheets covered the windows so it was enough to pique their interest.

“As I approached, I observed a female sleeping across the back seat,” a Perkins police report said.

They knocked on the window, and the 55-year-old woman awoke. Officers asked for an ID.

“While she was getting her ID I noticed (the woman) was wearing a white plastic glove on her left hand,” a report said. “She was asked about the glove with her stating her hands are sensitive and she wears the glove so she does not scratch them.”

The woman told police she was from Cleveland but also has a house in Port Clinton. She couldn’t remember an address for her Port Clinton home.

Police asked her why she was sleeping in a parking lot. “She stated she didn’t like to sleep alone at her residence,” the report said.

The woman agreed to leave and charges were not filed.

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