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Dean Henry billed $8.5K to Sandusky County in March

Register • Mar 29, 2013 at 4:31 PM

Special prosecutor Dean Henry billed $8,456 in March for his services in defending a lawsuit against the county while also conducting the criminal investigation directly related to it.

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The prosecutor did offer his view of the news coverage regarding his dual role, which the Limberios family contends is a conflict of interest.  

"The reporting of this matter by the Sandusky Register has been inaccurate, misleading and unprofessional," Dean said Thursday in reply to an email requesting information about when the nearly 13-month investigation of the "accidental suicide" of 19-year-old Jacob Limberios in March 2012 would be finished up. 

"Until this investigation is complete and a final report is issued, I will not make any further comment to the Sandusky Register regarding the investigation into the death of Jacob Limberios," he stated.

Henry declined to elaborate on the statement.

He and Sandusky County Deputy Sean O'Connell have made vague statements in the past about inaccuracies in the reporting, but both men have been unable or unwilling to provide specific information and declined repeated invitations from the Register to discuss their concerns in greater depth.

Henry also has called the Limberios family attorney, Dan McGookey, "unprofessional." He has not provided the Limberios family with any updates on the investigation.

Henry also declined to address other issues raised by Limberios family members, who have sought a competent investigation and ruling on Jacob's death for more than a year.

* Henry declined to comment regarding the delay in completing the criminal investigation or offer a timetable or any reason why the final report hasn't been released. 

* Henry declined to offer any comment on the appearance of a conflict of interest he has as the defense counsel in a lawsuit against county officials while he is at the same time investigating the roles those same county officials played in the initial botched criminal investigation he also heads up. Evidence was discarded, no autopsy was ordered and other missteps occurred in the initial investigation, which was completed just hours after Jacob was killed March 2, 2012.  

* Henry declined to elaborate on why a report given to him a month ago has not been provided to the Limberios family. 

* Henry refused to clarify conflicting statements and conclusions he and lead detective Sean O'Connell have made regarding the investigation. 

* Henry declined to say whether DNA evidence provided to the county had been processed, held or discarded.

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