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Bellevue police chief sidelined

Shawn Foucher • Mar 26, 2013 at 10:00 AM

The Bellevue police chief was placed on unpaid leave last week, after failing his shooting qualification test, according to Bellevue safety-service director Jeff Crosby.     

Brandal is required to pass the shooting test once a year, obtaining a specific score at the shooting range. 

He failed once earlier this year, then failed again last week, Crosby said. 

“It wasn’t a matter of one or two points,” Crosby said. “He didn’t pass the test. He wasn’t successful.”   

Brandal was placed on leave March 19.  He’s scheduled to retake the shooting test today. 

He was hired as a Bellevue officer in 1987 and his current salary as chief is a bit more than $55,000, according to city records. 

“Because he can’t perform his job duty, he was taken off the payroll,” Crosby said. “He can’t do his job.” 

Bellevue police Capt. Matt Johnson had filled in as acting chief during Brandal’s absence last year, but Brandal reclaimed the title when he returned in December.

Given these latest developments, however, Johnson is once again assuming the role as acting chief.

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