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In rape crime, suspect's rights take priority

Jessica Cuffman • Mar 25, 2013 at 2:01 PM

For at least one Sandusky County rape victim, it was more than a year before she found any sense of justice.

Even after DNA testing confirmed her story — and twice she testified before a grand jury — it was 14 months before her attacker was arrested.

For about two weeks, after police finally arrested Juanito Moreno Jr. on an indictment, she felt safe.

For two weeks, she felt safe leaving her house after a year of trapping herself inside.

Liza, a pseudonym used for this story because the Register does not identify victims of sex crimes, has locked herself back inside again.

Her reprieve didn't last long. On Monday, she attended Moreno's bond reduction hearing at Sandusky County Common Pleas Court, after learning from a friend that he had one scheduled.

A judge reduced Moreno's bond to $25,000, which was then posted by a bond agency.

"I don't understand," Liza told the Register Wednesday. "Nobody told me anything."

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