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Back from the other side

Alissa Widman Neese • Mar 25, 2013 at 1:06 PM

Standing in the middle of his sunroom, Bob Smith carefully examined his latest project on a nearby table. A collection of mismatched puzzle pieces were scattered about, waiting for someone to tediously reassemble them into a masterpiece.

“The circle puzzles are tough but I’m getting pretty good,” said Bob, 72, pointing to a framed, circular puzzle on the wall depicting a lighthouse in shades of blue. As he sat in a nearby chair, the wide sunroom windows provided a clear view of his spacious backyard on Mason Road.

The after effects of a tragic winter incident have prevented Bob from working in the yard like he used to. Instead, he watches from inside as he gradually regains his strength, one day and one puzzle at a time.

He doesn’t remember the fall. It’s taken three months to only partially restore what just a few untimely seconds snatched away.

But like the puzzle sprawled across the table, Bob is slowly piecing together his memories — and the life many people didn’t think he would get back.

Bob was hospitalized for nearly two months after suffering a major concussion Dec. 1. The retired electrician fell from a ladder while replacing Christmas lights on his home, breaking four ribs, fracturing his skull and injuring his shoulder.

“I’d been on roofs by myself all the time for my electrical work and never thought anything of it,” Bob said. “It was a freak accident.” 

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