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In Danbury Township, business is business or it's something else

Emil Whitis • Mar 20, 2013 at 3:06 PM

"As you know (the shop owner) denies that she ever used any inappropriate, undue influence over (Shaeffer) to obtain financial benefit," attorney Troy Wisehart wrote in response to an inquiry from Ottawa County prosecutor Mark Mulligan. "By all accounts (Shaeffer) is a very intelligent, strong, vibrant person who is more of a contemporary to (the shop owner) than the difference in their age would indicate." 

Meanwhile Mulligan has asked for a second round of number-crunching in a possible $200,000 theft from the elderly case.  About two weeks ago he sent his case file to the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation. 

The investigation began in December when 81-year-old Eleanor Shaeffer walked into the Danbury Township police department and told officers she'd just reclaimed about $50,000 in jewelry from a local jewelry shop. 

Schaffer also told police the 61-year-old shop owner took her for a $200,000 ride. 

"Mrs. Shaeffer reported that (the owner) owes her in the area of $200,000 for purchases made using the credit cards and accounts that have not been paid as per the agreement between the victim and the suspect," a Danbury Township police report said. "Mrs. Shaeffer also reported that (the owner) has made personal purchases with the aforementioned credit cards which include furnishings for (the owner's) daughter's apartment and jewelry for (the owner herself)."

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