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Local students like Pope Francis

Register • Mar 19, 2013 at 8:36 AM

“As a young Catholic, I believe the new pope, Pope Francis, will be able to connect with many generations, both young and old alike, by showing us that there is more to life and religion than luxuries and materialistic items.”

— Hunter Sluss

“With the election of Pope Francis, I feel that our church has the opportunity to reach out to new people. Pope Francis proved himself to be humble and is very promising for the future of the church.”

— Colette DeRiso

“I honestly like Pope Francis. He seems genuinely kind of heart and genuinely caring about the people. He’s modest, humble and nice. I am excited to see what’s to happen during his time as pope.”

— Lydia Yeckley

“Pope Francis is a role model for all people, not just Catholics. The conclave went quickly and chose a man full of kindness and humility. I am very excited about their decision.”

— Logan Braun

(Provided by Sandusky Central Catholic)

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