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Sandusky Fifth Street a rocky road

Andy Ouriel • Mar 13, 2013 at 10:37 AM

Most Cedar Point visitors expect bumpy rides when boarding classic attractions such as the Blue Streak roller coaster.

But many also uncontrollably shake outside the park when driving on one of Sandusky's roughest roads connecting to Cedar Point's main corridor.

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The pothole-infested Fifth Street is located between Sycamore Line and Cedar Point Drive. With about 100 homes located on the corridor, Fifth Street is often times used by locals as a detour or shortcut to access or leave the amusement park.

Stookey passionately spoke about the road's structural shortcomings in front of city commissioners at a public meeting Monday.

"If you are on the south side of that street, you cannot maintain and control your vehicle," Stookey said. "The sidewalks are cracking and dropping over the top of sanitary sewers."

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