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Strike two: Second OVI puts county job in jeopardy

Matt Westerhold • Mar 12, 2013 at 8:21 PM

Christie Johnson, 36, was charged with driving under suspension and operating vehicle intoxicated. 

Johnson was also put on paid administrative leave. 

Her blood alcohol level initially registered at 0.103 percent, according to Erie County Sheriff Paul Sigsworth. 

"Obviously with a BAC like that she has no business dispatching," Sigsworth said. "You just can't tolerate it in this environment — there's just too much at stake."

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Johnson parked at the Erie County Sheriff's Office shortly before 2 p.m. Another dispatcher smelled booze on her when she walked in and told Erie County chief deputy Jared Oliver. 

Soon after two deputies led Johnson into an interview room. 

"The odor of alcoholic beverages was very apparent immediately after entering the room," a deputy's report said. "The odor became even more overwhelming as I sat down next to Johnson." 

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