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West side overpass more than year from completion

Andy Ouriel • Mar 11, 2013 at 10:57 AM

Throw in the term “under budget,” and it’s quite a shocker to the delight of Sandusky residents who are paying for the city’s most pressing project.

Construction crews are pushing on to complete the west-end overpass project by July 2014.

“Everything is on schedule,” state transportation spokeswoman Christine Myers said.

The $11.4 million project strives to streamline traffic on Sandusky’s west side, near the Venice Road and Tiffin Avenue intersection, allowing motorists to bypass railroad crossings.

City residents are only fronting $570,000 of the project, with the remaining funds coming mostly from state tax dollars.

A road elevated above the ground will connect Tiffin Avenue and George Street, running parallel to Venice Road.

Bystanders today can see a hill-like structure finished at the site. Most recently, truckers transported several steel beams to help support the bridge.

State-contracted trucks transported several steal beams to support the bridge above the roadway. The overpass comes as a direct result of local residents complaining for decades about the delays caused by trains at crossings on the west side of town.

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