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Markling gets payday in Huron's Fred Fox probe

Jessica Cuffman • Mar 19, 2013 at 11:56 AM

Click the links below to review the Markling invoices, summaries, notes and letter to Markling.

Attorney Matt Markling reduced some charges to Huron Schools for the investigation after another school attorney questioned details on his itemized statements, according to documents released by a Huron school board member.

But before any board members could ask the district's long-time attorney, Dane Gaschen, to review the last of the six invoices to the district for work rendered during the past year, the split board voted last month to pay the balance of his $90,000 bill.


Click here for the e*Paper or get a copy of the Register at a newsstand near you to find out what might happen next week after a ruling comes from a state education official.


Markling submitted the bills in June, July, October, November and February, racking up thousands in taxpayer debt as one school board member — Kevin Asher — fought to keep from paying the original $50,000 bill for the Markling report.

The 50-page Markling Report divided the community and led to Superintendent Fred Fox's firing. The report questioned his relationship with a district vendor, expenses from a trip to Arizona and use of school time and computers to conduct an extramarital relationship.

Now, more than a year after launching the investigation, one part of the saga is nearing a climax with a Department of Education hearing officer’s recommendation regarding Fox's termination due on Monday. The report from hearing officer Harry Taich will recommend whether Fox should be fired or reinstated to his position.

Meanwhile, Asher continues to question the validity of the Markling Report, the invoices and the decisions that led to Marking's involvement. 

The Markling invoices include time billed for work he did to make sure he got paid. He also charged for work defending a lawsuit filed by Asher, without any apparent authorization from the board, and billed for time spent reading newspaper articles, editorials and letters to the editor about the Fox case.

The invoices, summaries and letters are linked below. 

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