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County sends letter on City Hall offer

Andy Ouriel • Mar 6, 2013 at 12:01 PM

"By moving the city offices into the downtown area, it's going to improve the traffic in the downtown area," Monaghan said. "It will only benefit the residents of Erie County."

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County commissioner Tom Ferrell declined to sign the letter, which was addressed to city manager Nicole Ard.. 

"I don't agree with it," Ferrell said. "It's the (city) commission's decision, not mine."

City commission has considered a move away from the waterfront to the downtown business district for many years. The city budget is projected to be in the red again this year, however, and new union contracts could further impact expenditures.


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In the letter, Monaghan and Shenigo urge city officials to consider the vacant space at the Erie County Office Building as a potential new home for City Hall. The county-owned building could be leased to the city, long-term, at little to no cost. 

The office building, formerly the Lasalle department store on Columbus Avenue and Washington Row, could house most  city employees working for various departments, including engineering, finance and  administration. Other city departments could be located at the city service center on Cement Street on Sandusky's west side. The police department and municipal court could re-locate to county-owned land near the sheriff's office and jail, where an economic district could be established. 


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