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Clyde childhood cancer cluster testing continues today

Tom Jackson • Mar 5, 2013 at 9:41 AM

The families hired attorneys who have begun a new round of tests aimed at uncovering possible clues to the cancer epidemic.


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On Monday, environmental engineer Joel Hebdon took dust samples from the attic of the Mulberry Street home o f Trina Donnersbach, whose daughter, Shilah Donnersbach, 20 , died o f cancer.

Today, mud samples will be taken from the bottom of Clyde Reservoir, assuming the surface isn’t covered with ice.

On Wednesday, lime samples will be taken from a water treatment plant in Clyde.


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The samples will be tested at a laboratory, with results expected in about three weeks, said Alan Mortensen, the Salt Lake City attorney hired to probe the cancer cluster.

If the test results show nothing, no further tests are planned.

But if they show the presence of a possible cancer agent, there will be another round of more extensive tests, Mortensen said.  The testing Hebdon is doing is unrelated to tests expected to begin soon at the former Whirlpool Park in Green Springs. Those tests are being done by Whirlpool and the land’s current owners, under the supervision of the U.S. EPA.

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