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Huron council members say raises will improve candidate field

Tom Jackson • Mar 2, 2013 at 11:22 AM

Three Huron city councilman, Brad Hartung, Trey Hardy and Thomas Solet contend higher wages will lure more candidates to run for office in the near future.

Councilman Sam Artino is opposed to any change. 

A recent proposal spearheaded by Hartung would more than triple the pay for council members next year..


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Today, the mayor receives $3,000 a year, with the other six council members each making $2,400 a year.

Under the new plan, all seven council members would earn $ 9,000 a year, in addition to boosted benefits for Medicare and Social Security.

The new overall amount would total almost $72,000 in gross wages, up from the $19,800 paid out in salaries and benefits in 2012.

Other measures, including pay for unexcused absences from council meeting, are also included in the proposed change, Hartung said.

“We are looking to try and make this as professional as we can,” he said.


Correction: This story has been modified since it was posted to reflect that councilman Sam Artino is opposed to any change in salaries for city council members.

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