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NASA Plum Brook continues look at turbine energy

Andy Ouriel • Feb 27, 2013 at 11:01 AM

Wind power at the NASA Plum Brook Station could be a major win for everyone involved.

Federal space agency executives continue to explore the benefits that might sprout up if they plant wind turbines at the station.


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“NASA is in the process of generating an environmental impact statement for the proposed Plum Brook station Wind Farm Project,” agency spokeswoman Lori Rachul said.

Officials paid $68,000 for an environmental company to research the plan. Those workers recently knocked on doors in various neighborhoods bordering the world-class testing facility, gauging people’s interest in the technology.

   A wind farm consists of several turbines in a confined area, ideally harnessing wind energy for power production.

   They’re also a clean form of energy.

   Turbines are found sporadically throughout the region, including one near  Sandusky police headquarters on Meigs Street and another in Huron at Rye Beach Road.

   At the Bellevue-based Norfolk Southern train yard, for instance, a 50-kilowatt wind turbine powers the pumps and controls for the company’s wastewater treatment plant.

   NA SA o f f i c i a l s f i r st introduced the concept in September 2010.

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