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Sandusky raises rec fees

Andy Ouriel • Feb 26, 2013 at 8:10 AM

“We haven’t raised the fees since 2007,” commissioner Julie Farrar said. “Everything is going up.”

Farrar, along with commissioners Pervis Brown, Diedre Cole and Jeff Smith, voted for increased fees at Monday’s public meeting

“In Huron, you’re going to be paying $15 an hour Monday through Friday and $25 an hour for shelters on the weekends,” Farrar said. In Sandusky “they have it for the whole day and evening (for one price). It’s a bargain.”

Commissioner Wes Poole voted against the increase in rates. 

“There is not enough specifics of what we are going to do with the money,” Poole said. “If there are citizens that have concerns about this, we need to come up with a solid plan. If we raise your rates, these are the things you are going to see.”

At least one city resident echoed Poole’s concerns.

During a public comment portion of the meeting, former Sandusky firefighter Ron Urig said officials will still neglect the properties, whether they increase the rates or not.

The parks are in “deplorable condition,” Urig said. “They don’t have concrete plans to fix anything up. As a former city employee, I was embarrassed to meet fellow taxpayers and visitors in areas that had shelter houses.”

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